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Les esperamos! As you know, the embajadores are preparing their first 5K! Our schedule has been adjusted to accomplish such an important endeavor. Now we are meeting every Saturday 9AM. Our favorite location: The Pagoda, Patterson Park (Baltimore, MD). Check out the dates in our calendar.

Everbody is invited to this free meetings.

Check Centro SOL facebook page with updates of each session!


Visite la página de facebook de Centro SOL con actualizaciones sobre las reuniones.

No falte!

excited preparing our first 5k!

As you, Embajadores de Salud – YO PUEDO are enjoying the summer. And with all the sun and great temperatures we got inspired to prepare our first 5k!

Teresa, Margarita, Raquel, Gabriela…they all mentioned that instead of taking the bus, they walk. “I don’t like being late” says Margarita, “so sometimes I don’t wait for the bus, I just walk”. They walk distances from Ellwood Ave. to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, back and forth! So we talked to them about the 5k or 1M walk. But, 1M for them seems a short walk…so we are preparing our first 5k!

Drew started with simple warm-up, stretching and fast-walk/short jogging. It was a great and inspiring start! Gabriela will bring her three daughters and her husband, who’s also part of the embajadores participants group.

We are so looking forward to this race, a race to a healthy lifestyle, a race to healthier families!

Stay tuned for more news!

First training for the first 5k of embajadores

Spring workout!

So you thought you need to go to the gym or even to the park to exercise? These pics will prove you are not totally right. And will encourage you to exercise while Spring finally pops up!

Our monthly follow-up meeting at Bayview was a lot of fun, and exercise. Caroline one of our LMSA members and volunteer for the YO PUEDO program developed a series of easy workouts to do indoors. All you need is your body and a chair!

As part of the follow up, we started with a relaxation minute, then medical students checked weight, height and waist of participants, to keep track of their progress. Thank you Caroline for the plan, the trainers Drew and Owen and all volunteers and participants at this meeting!

Thank you all for coming! Don’t miss upcoming meetings announced in our calendar http://bit.ly/ESCalendar

No se pierda las próximas reuniones en nuestro calendario http://bit.ly/ESCalendar

March_monthly_meeting March_monthly_meeting March_monthly_meeting

March_monthly_meeting March_monthly_meeting March_monthly_meeting

A different Happy International Women Day

A different Happy International Women Day with the “Embajadores”.
This has been a busy week for the Embajadores. We started our workout sessions!
On Saturday we had two sessions, morning and afternoon. And both were beautiful and inspiring. Moms, dad(s) and kids in the park. Patterson Park witnessed the particular celebration of the International Women Day with the Embajadores on March 8. Again, the LMSA medical students with their willingness and professionalism, responded to the call for volunteers, guided with the exercise and made the event a blast!
Wednesday the same session near Bayview to accommodate the families’ locations and schedules. Not even the spring rain stopped families to attend!
Drew prepared great material to talk about “El Corazón”. Why it’s important, for obvious reasons it’s important, but now we learned some tips to keep it healthy.

Ready for the next meeting with one voice “YO PUEDO” (I Can) have a healthier lifestyle!
Thank you participants and volunteers for your hard work!

Vea el calendario aquí >> http://bit.ly/ESCalendar
Want to volunteer? >> http://bit.ly/ESBeVolunteer
Join the conversation >> #embajadoresdesalud #yopuedo #healthierfamilies

workouts_pic workouts_pic workouts_pic workouts_pic workouts_pic workouts_pic

Defining goals/definiendo metas!

Today it was another inspiring morning with Embajadores de Salud. YO PUEDO is underway! Moms and dads are ready and committed to learn and share healthier lifestyle for their children.

Dr. G started setting goals, each participant defined their own goals/metas for the entire program:

  • Lose weight
  • Lower cholesterol and blood preasure
  • Learn and share healthier habits with community and families
  • Eat healthy
  • Make friends
  • Create a community and promote teamwork: traiga a su amiga o enemiga!
  • Practicar español!
  • What is your goal?

Drew organized teams or grupitos to meet every two weeks. Some of the things families want to make are: workouts and cooking.

Today we had pharmacy students sharing good practices on taking medicines. And, again SOM medical students made a wonderful job! Thank you!

Gracias a tod@s por su participación!


Photo YO PUEDO feb.22 Photo YO PUEDO feb.22

Want to become a volunteer? Register here http://bit.ly/ESBeVolunteer

Quiere participar en el programa? Regístrese aquí http://bit.ly/ESBeParticipant

Yo Puedo – kick-off

Last Sat. Jan 25th with less than 20F and a light to heavy snow in the morning we started our kick-off event!.

Dr. G. Lopez-Mena, resident at Johns Hopkins Bayview, after an overnight session, was ready to receive volunteers and participants! Drew, medical student at SOM, coordinated other students willing to be part of this big change! Monica, contacted all participants.

8 AM and everyone was ready on their positions.

Student Sight Savers offered their knowledge to provide eyes exam to all participants and give them recommendations and an overview of their eye health.

Drew and G were getting weights and blood pressure to participants.

All volunteers were so smiling and willing to help on anything. And everything was smooth and easy, as it was planned with months of preparation, but without that. I can tell these students will become great doctors!

Participants were so nice and grateful, with that cold and the snow, they committed for their health. Entire families, and friends and neighbors showed up!

To all of you THANK YOU! We are so happy and excited of being part of this and improve our lives together.

Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25 Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25 Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25 Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25


With the spirit of overcoming challenges and the dream of promoting a healthier community YO PUEDO arises in Baltimore. A multicultural project oriented to improve people’s lifes.

Las estadísticas

26 millones de personas con diabetes, 79 millones con pre-diabetes = 2 veces presión arterial alta, 2 a 4 veces enfermedades del corazón

1 de cada 3 personas tienen presión alta. De 1999 a 2009 el número de muertes por presión alta aumento el 43%.

La incidencia de diabetes, presión alta y colesterol es más alta en la comunidad hispana que en cualquier otra población.

Muchos de los factores que causan estas enfermedades pueden evitarse. ¿Qué necesita para evitar esos factores? Un plan para una vida saludable y compromiso.

Objetivo: Educar a la comunidad latina sobre cómo evitar enfermedades y/o mejorar el estilo de vida para evitar los efectos negativos de las mismas.

Método: Trabajar en grupo y hacer seguimiento por 6 meses, revisando los cambios de peso, las tallas de la cintura y la presión de la sangre. Usted no está solo.

Resultados esperados: Los participantes en el programa, habrán reducido la presión de la sangre, el peso y perdido tallas.

Usted tendrá un mayor conocimiento de su salud y una nueva percepción del significado de una vida saludable, lo que reduce la probabilidad de enfermedades y la necesidad de medicamentos o visitas al médico.

Contenido del programa

Conceptos básicos de salud

  • Hipertensión
  • Diabetes
  • Nutrición: recomendaciones de un plan de alimentación.

Plan de ejercicios: mejorando su salud.

No más enfermedades que se pueden evitar. No más facturas de medicamentos. No más vida sedentaria.