Yo Puedo – kick-off

Last Sat. Jan 25th with less than 20F and a light to heavy snow in the morning we started our kick-off event!.

Dr. G. Lopez-Mena, resident at Johns Hopkins Bayview, after an overnight session, was ready to receive volunteers and participants! Drew, medical student at SOM, coordinated other students willing to be part of this big change! Monica, contacted all participants.

8 AM and everyone was ready on their positions.

Student Sight Savers offered their knowledge to provide eyes exam to all participants and give them recommendations and an overview of their eye health.

Drew and G were getting weights and blood pressure to participants.

All volunteers were so smiling and willing to help on anything. And everything was smooth and easy, as it was planned with months of preparation, but without that. I can tell these students will become great doctors!

Participants were so nice and grateful, with that cold and the snow, they committed for their health. Entire families, and friends and neighbors showed up!

To all of you THANK YOU! We are so happy and excited of being part of this and improve our lives together.

Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25 Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25 Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25 Yo puedo Kick-off Jan.25